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Nice thoughts in December | #6

Happy Nikolaus, everyone! I have to admit I totally forgot about it. But hey, my super creative mind improvised and tada: he found two mandarines in his shoes (and he didn’t even have to clean them, the shoes I mean). I’m going to be such a great Mom. But all kidding aside, this and also a statement by the radio moderator this morning about traditions got me thinking. Do I have traditions that are important to me? If yes, what kind and why?

Especially around this time of year people celebrate traditions like they’re their birthdays. And we’re not different. My family is not Christian at all but still: we’re getting a Christmas tree, lighting a candle on every Advent Sunday, putting something in someone’s shoes every December 6th (if we don’t forget it). However we also create our own, like having a Advent dinner on every first Advent. We used to have a Friendsgiving which was a really yummy and long dinner including at least three different desserts (we should bring that back!). Two of the best human beings alive and I, we used to cook a nice three course dinner once a month at one of our places and just enjoyed good food and even better laughs together. It’s not just religious heritage or self-made between a handful of people. It can also be local: e.g. we, in Berlin (and Brandenburg), have potato salad and Wiener as traditional food on the ‘Holy Night’, December 24th and the big juicy roast the next day.

I guess the traditions that are important to me involve food lovely people because all of them are connected to memories of warmth, laughs, togetherness, belonging, light-heartedness, socialising. And strangely enough: change. Not just in terms of changing the tradition itself, make it your own or creating a new one but also the change you can see over time when the tradition is the one thing that stays ‘stabile’ or ‘constant’. New people join, some people leave, your nephew is suddenly taller than you, your siblings become older wiser because of the shit they went through, which your Mom carries with her over time without letting go of even one little bit so you see the little world on her shoulder grow with every tradition you keep. Maybe the laughs become less but longer and harder instead. Maybe the topics change between centuries because suddenly there is a little person talking about the adventures of Jay, Kai, Zane, Cole, Nya und Lloyd and it takes everyone except the parents about thirty minutes to figure out what he is talking about (“Don’t you know what Lego is?”). So for me, I guess traditions are longterm routines which will always change with time, circumstances and people. They kind of evolve and that is a really nice thing – as long as there is food 😊

What kind of traditions do you have / keep / created / love / hate?

Ps.: These amazing sockings (socks and stockings because they keep you really warm) are made by my granny-in-law and they are a traditional piece in our collection because every family member has at least two pairs. I love them!

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