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Nice thoughts in December | #11

Hipp Hipp, it’s Monday. Isn’t it nice? I started my day with this delicious treat and oh my can I just tell you, it’s the best Christmas spread ever! My dearest friend Miss S. has outdone herself with this one. I mean what is better than having literally Spekulatius* on your breakfast toast??? Nothing, exactly. I’m going to hunt her down and torture her with unconditional love till she tells me her secret. I promise. Otherwise this will go down in history as just another mean tease.

But as though this isn’t enough my Mom gave us some delicious home baked Christmas cookies yesterday as well. Oh holy, those cocoa ones (I have a lot of hunting to do this week). Needless to say we destroyed them all already but here is a picture of them before the aftermath happened.

There is more. One of my other dearest friends and the mother of the most gorgeous little human beings currently alive gave me a little present too and a great one: Moscow Mule mugs made of copper. WHAT! I won’t show them here today because I owe it to them to really put on a show – maybe together with a recipe for a Christmassy version of Moscow Mule or a New Years Eve version 🤔. Stay tuned to see that failure which won’t feel like one to me because I’m probably going to be drunk by the time I write the post.

Okay, I can’t end on this. So, what I should say is even so I’m repeating myself: I’m so grateful for having people around me who amaze me with their thoughtfulness and kindness and make my life (literally) sweeter every day. Thank you ❤️



*it’s like a spiced (think cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, cardamom etc.) thin Christmas biscuit

Post from: 11.12.2017
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