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Nice thoughts in December | #10

Happy second advent, you beautiful people. I’m sitting here with a big mug of Glühwein (mulled wine), eating homemade cookies (made by my Mom), trying to get warm again. We went to the Christmas market today, a small ‘Kiez’ one that is only on one weekend a year where a lot of clubs, associations, unions, schools, not-for-profits and so on sell christmassy or not so christmassy stuff to raise some money for their cause whatever that may be. It’s a really nice one and therefore extremely crowded but still worth checking out “Rixdorfer Weihnachtsmarkt” in Neukölln).

I like the atmosphere, the big lightbulbs in the tall trees, the small stands where you can have a chat with people from that hood (aka Kiez) about a cause they’re passionate about, the incredible smells (from Bratwurst to apple-cinnamon-waffles), sipping a proper mulled wine (I have to say the ones in Melbourne, e.g. at the Night Market at Victoria Market came close but still weren’t the real deal), listening to the live (Christmas) music and feeling the cold breeze in your face – I love it.

My parents joined us which was lovely because sipping mulled wine with loved ones is even better. Even though I believe my Mom just suggested to do it because the market is really close to our new flat and she was curious where it is exactly (“Isn’t your new flat around the corner here somewhere?” *really subtle not so subtle grinning*).

Speaking of the new flat, we’re slowly starting to plan what to put where. Whereas the ‘what’ is basically non-existent. We only have a mattress, two little plant stools and plants, an armchair and some kitchen stuff like bowls and cutlery. There will be nothing in the flat, no kitchen, no shelves, no lamps and we’re actually thinking about building maybe even the bigger furniture ourselves. I know it’s not really a surprise – you know we like to do that shit ourselves 😊 But it’s such an amazing feeling (maybe not always while you’re building something) but definitely afterwards. It’s a little bit like doing fitnessy stuff if you’re like… a normal person, you know. It feels horrible while you’re doing it and you think to yourself why am I doing this? But afterwards you feel great, you achieved something, you did something just for you. It’s a bit like that. I think we’re going for a mix of industrial and natural style but I’ll keep you updated how we’re going if you like to?

Okay, I’m sorry if I already annoy you with the new apartment but I’m really excited and I can promise you I’ll annoy you more when the new year is here. Just so you know what you’re in for and now: enjoy your Sunday ❤️

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