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New home

Hello you lovely people. How have you been? How is 2018 treating you so far? Good? Good. It’s been a crazy start I can tell you that. I dove right into the new year with a proper cold. That’s the way to start it, isn’t it? I don’t want to complain because having a flue is way beyond bad. On the contrary, it was an excellent reminder for me to focus on the main thing I want to do in the future: to simply listen to my body. So I did and I rested for a couple of days. Proper rest with sleep and drinking a lot of water and tea and tada I was a new human again. It’s still fascinating to me (sometimes) what a little bit of sleep can do. Seriously. Is somebody else amazed by it, too?

Anyway, it wasn’t the best timing for being properly sick but hey, is there ever a proper time to have a flue because WE STARTED TO WORK ON OUR NEW FLAT. Or basically the kitchen – we don’t really need to do anything in this gem because it’s newly renovated but to decide which furniture to make and/or buy. We own some small pieces that mostly have emotional value for us, e.g. two gorgeous wooden stools my great grandfather made. But we don’t have a sofa or a dining table or bigger furniture like that.

Not owning any furniture has definitely its perks. You can start fresh, you can really think about what you need, you can invest in something that will last you longer than that IKEA shelf you dragged along every freaking move till it only consisted of pieces nailed together for the third times because it felt like you spent your life earnings on it as a student, you can make all the things look nice together instead of trying to hide the fact (with a blanket) that this chair doesn’t fit to the sofa. Your flat is not crowded with S T U F F. And I love that. Yeah, you can smell it, can’t you? But…(here we go, drum roll for true first world problems please) it’s not easy. It’s not easy to find the right things that don’t laugh at your wallet and you and your partner both like. And with sofas they don’t just have to look nice but they need to be comfortable and in our case practical (sleeping function) as well. Pff. I know I know, how can she complain? I really don’t. I’m freaking grateful and insanely happy that we found this little not so little spot and I know we’re going to make it cosy as fuck. Step by step, right.


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