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40 weeks… and counting

Today is the day. We’re together for about 40 weeks now. When we saw you for the first time you were just a tiny rice corn floating around in my fist-sized uterus. Now about 280 days later nobody really knows weiterlesen

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Being a mum

Today is mother’s day. Although I’m in awe with what all the mothers around me (and on this planet really) achieved and achieve every day year round, today feels a bit different. With being pregnant and waiting for your arrival weiterlesen

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Dear Little One

you make me feel light-headed, forgetful and so happy – and you’re not even here here here. I mean you’re always with me. Don’t get me wrong hanging out with you is heaps of fun. You grew on me. Literally. weiterlesen

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New home

Hello you lovely people. How have you been? How is 2018 treating you so far? Good? Good. It’s been a crazy start I can tell you that. I dove right into the new year with a proper cold. That’s the weiterlesen